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What's the difference between a Visa Run and a Border Run?

A border run is usually a one or same day trip across the border to get a 30-days visa exemption stamp on your passport. Meanwhile, a visa run is the journey towards a neighboring country where a foreigner needs to apply for a visa (fill out a form, pay the visa payment and wait 24-48 hours) to collect your passport with the new visa to stay legally back in Thailand. Many people do a visa run in Vientiane (Laos). It is clear that a border run is easier than a visa run. Anyway people can call it Border Run or Visa Run. If you want to do a border run or visa run from Chiang Mai, we have two choices at Chiang Khong border - Huay Xai (Laos) or Mae Sai Border  - Tachilek (Myanmar)  from the website . One day trip border run, thailand border run same day etc. Chiang Mai has 3 -4 agencies (Chiang Mai Border Run , Chiang Mai Visa Run, Chiangmai Borderrun Services, Border Visa Run Chiang Mai) to help people to get 30 days visa exemption by border run. Agencies will pick you up in a van in the morning from the city, drive to the border, wait until everyone crosses into Laos (or Myanmar) and re-enter Thailand with 30 days visa exemption, and then back to your home in the evening same day. It's much easier, safer, and saves time. On the other hand, there is an option to go byself to take a public bus but keep in mind that you will have to spend at least one night in Chiang Khong because buses only depart in the morning. So, the option of going byself to the border may be inconvenient for transportation, waste time, and may not be safe.

Chiang Mai Border Run: A Hassle-Free Way to Extend Your Stay in Thailand

If you are making plans to visit Thailand, you most likely know you are entitled to a 30 days exemption in the country. But what if you want to stay longer? You can undertake a Chiang Mai border run (website: This is a trip to a neighboring country (Loas or Myanmar) or elsewhere back in order to restart your visa exemption clock of 30 days. It’s common with tourists or expats who want to extend their services in Thailand without having to go through the hustle of acquiring a visa (thailand border run, visa extension chiang mai, visa run chiang mai).

Here's how to do a Chiang Mai border run:
Select a border crossing. For this purpose, you can use the several border crossings near Chiang Mai. The most common border crossings are those with Myanmar: Mae Sai, and with Laos: Chiang Khong. Arrange transportation. To Mae Sai or Chiang Khong a minivan, bus, or taxi will take you. The trip from Chiang Mai takes around 3-4 hours. When you arrive at the border crossing, you will have to undergo immigration. The process is normally fast and simple. In Thailand, you must finish the TM.6 passing /landing card and display your visa – or visa-exempt permit – and your passport. Additionally, you might need to demonstrate your ticket out of the nation – a bus ticket, or a plane ticket. Spend time in a neighboring nation. Once you pass the boundaries, you can explore the neighboring nation for a while. There are several places to travel or do in both Myanmar and Laos. Return to Thailand. After spending time in the neighboring country, you must re-enter northern Thailand. Crossing from the opposite border is similar to going out. You shall pass through immigration and display your visa or the visa-exempt mark in your travel document.

Here are some things to keep in mind when doing a Chiang Mai border run:
When doing a Chiang Mai border run, there are a few things to note: One of them is to ensure enough time in the schedule. Since a border run takes a whole day, it is necessary to clear the schedule for the event. Also, bring along a passport and other travel documents. A passport is necessary for crossing the border. In some cases, it may also be necessary to present a visa and onward travel ticket as other travel documents . One also ought to have some Thai baht when crossing the border for the cost, among other expenses. Further, one should be respectful of the local customs.
To sum up, a Chiang Mai border run is a convenient method to prolong your vacation in Thailand that requires no extra effort. This plan can work well for Thailand’s tourists or Asian expats who would like to see more of this gorgeous country. Furthermore, I am offering more reasons to conduct a Chiang Mai border run:
Makes border runs relatively cheap. The cost of adopting a border run is generally lower than visa applications. Make it easy. Find it easy whereby the process is quite clear and understandable. Is a good chance to visit several new countries and offer a chance to see a new country. Allows visiting any neighboring country and getting acquainted with other cultures.
In case you are thinking about the possibility of a Chiang Mai border run, it would be appropriate to check for the most suitable border and documents you should take with you. Thus, you can renew your stay in Thailand in just a few hours and continue to enjoy the atmosphere of this unique country.

Chiang Mai Border Run are a way to diversify your life in Thailand. They are straightforward, affordable, and full of exciting possibilities for mini-adventures in the surrounding countries. Therefore, if you cannot get enough of the Land of Smiles and want to spend as much time as possible there, the former option could be the best fit.